Evidence of Spring’s Arrival

Spring is here!  Iris’s blooming and propane tanks sprouting up in the backyard!

Photo Credit:  Randy Pendergast

Click for larger image.


2 thoughts on “Evidence of Spring’s Arrival”

  1. Having retired to the Canary Islands energy and potable water are two questions that are critical to existence here. Wind power. Windmill farms are producing a significant amount or usable energy. In fact one of the islands in the archipelago is now totally energy self- sufficient. Solar panels (sorry if my scientific jargon isn’t up to snuff) look good, but they are expensive. My complaint about using petroleum is pollution that makes its jproduction, transport and use questionable. Hype aside do you agree that it would be better to wean ourselves from petro-dependency to cleaner, safer renewable sources of energy.Comments please.

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