Double Strip of Clouds

A 300 kilometer double strip of clouds, reaching from the islands in the north of the Netherlands over Belgium (arrow: Brussels) to the north of France: visible as a dark band in the map on the right. Photographed in the square on the map, looking from a dike to the north with a view over a Dutch polder. Very clear and dry air was coming in from the north. Weather type: high pressure area: 1037 hPa. 12th of May 2019

Photo Credit: Wim Röst

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Sunset in Waco, Texas

We were in Waco, Texas at the state track meet where my grandson threw the shot put. After the meet and late that afternoon I spotted this sight and felt it might be good for your show. It had rained over 2 inches that day and the sky was clearing as the sun was setting.

Photo Credit: Jim Williams

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