Victoria, Australia Shelf Cloud

Picture was taken just outside Ballarat in Victoria, Australia at Smythes Creek on October 6th 2010. I was driving home from work and for some reason I also had my 7D EOS SLR in the car. It had been a very unstable day, and there were forecasts of thunderstoms. See this as I drove along the highway I had to stop and take some shots. The attached has been edited only for lighting and to give it some “pop” as the out of camera shots were a little flat, especially the foreground.

Photo Credit: Tim

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Grand Junction Colorado Panorama

Overlooking the valley with Grand Junction, Colorado.
Mt. Garfield is center, with the ‘upper’ Bookcliffs immediately behind and The Battlement Mesa & Mamm Peaks as the background. Photo taken on the Upper Little Park Road on 3-16-2018. I am at the head of Rough Canyon, astride the Glade Park Fault.

Photo Credit: Edward Morris

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Rainbow Effect Below Thunderstorm

Got drenched by fast-moving thunderstorm headed east-northeast over North Park, Colorado (near Walden, 8100 ft elevation). We stopped as the storm rose over the Medicine Bow Mountains to the east and created this amazing chromatic display at near-ground level.

Never seen anything like it before of after.

Photo Credit: Geology Jim

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