Dramatic Storm Clouds

Summer storm.  Bordeaux region, South-west France. 2014

Photo Credit: Willie Corby

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Storm Clouds in Arizona

#1 Taken September 6, 2014 in San Tan Valley, Arizona.

Taken by me during Monsoonal storm that dropped 7+ inches of rain in four hours. Looking straight up at Zenith at break in the cloud cover.

Monsoons in Arizona run from early July through Mid–September, so this was a bit late, it’s as though nature held its most vigorous storm of the season for the last blow.

#2 Arizona Sunset, May 20, 2018; interesting cloud formation and lighting. What is interesting is that I’m shooting facing DUE NORTH, not WNW towards the setting Sun! Not sure why the light dispersed as it did, it was sorta spooky.

San Tan Valley, AZ (about 50 miles SE of Phoenix, in rural Pinal County)

Both pics taken with Panasonic Lumix FZ80.

Photo Credit: Tom Scheeler

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Airborn Pollen

This image is from the afternoon of 5/21/18. I’ve been flying since 1973 and this is the first time I’ve seen this much pollen or any while airborne. I heard a pilot on the frequency speaking to ATC and he mentioned flying through it and coughing & sneezing. As I flew south at 4500’ between McGuire Airforce base and Atlantic City NJ I saw it. I stayed to the west of the bloom. The day was beautiful VFR (visual flight rules) with a few scattered clouds.

Photo Credit: Arnie Itzkowitz

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