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Sunrise Over Fargo, ND

This was a sunrise the morning of April 10, 2019 in Fargo, ND taken with a DJI Spark drone.

There was a brief window of time this morning where we had an amazing sunrise happening. I still happened to be home so I got out my drone quick and snapped this gorgeous sunrise. Good thing I acted quickly because it is back to being dull now.

The sunrise was very brief lasting only about 20 minutes before the vibrance went away, so I was lucky to capture it.

Photo Credit: Colin O’Connor

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Smokey Australian Sunrise

Smoky sunrise on 16 March 2019, Guildford, Central Victoria, photo Bob Aughton.
The Smoke comes from bushfires burning for weeks in the ranges to the east of Melbourne, including parts of Melbourne’s water catchments. As in the US, poor forest management based on green ideology has meant little fuel reduction burning has been done in Victoria recent years. Not surprisingly our Socialist Left government has gone very quiet about the bushfire emergency, as they say you reap what you sow!

Photo Credit: Bob Aughton

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Sunrise Over Webster, New York

Attached please find a photo I took while walking into Webster Schroeder HS. I was facing east looking across the parking lot towards some houses.  I am an art teacher at WSHS, and being midweek was awed by Mother Nature’s Beauty.  The picture was taken about 7 AM this AM 3/13/19.  I shared it with the staff and they were all grateful for the image and felt it lifted their spirits, a sure sign Spring is on the way.  Many saw the sunrise while driving into school and wished they had taken a picture. What a way to begin the day.

Thank you,

Photo Credit: Carolyn Carlton

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Schroeder parking lot 3.13.19


Sunrise Shadow on the Clouds

Here’s a picture I snapped off our front porch. It shows the shadow cast by the rising Sun on Mt. Jefferson, in the Oregon Cascades on low clouds. Ca. 2015.

The weather to the east of the Cascades is usually clearer than the Willamette Valley where I live. This particular morning, the rising sun created a beautiful red cast on the clouds in the valley. I was delighted by the shadow. This spectacle only lasted about a minute before the angle of the Sun was no longer able to shine under the clouds.

Photo Credit: Tim Pagotie

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