Tornado tracks of the April 27-28, 2011 tornado outbreak

Bright reds, oranges and yellows show tracks of where rotation was strongest as detected by NWS Doppler radars during the April 27-28, 2011 tornado outbreak. - click to enlarge
NOAA’s preliminary estimate is that there were 211 tornadoes on April 27-28, 2011.

  • During the multi-day period of April 26-28, The National Weather Service (NWS) estimates there were a total of 288 tornadoes.
  • NWS issued outlooks five days in advance, watches hours in advance, and tornado warnings with an average lead time of 24 minutes. NWS issued warnings for more than 90 percent of these tornadoes.
  • The largest previous number of tornadoes on record in one event occurred from April 3-4, 1974, with 148 tornadoes.


One thought on “Tornado tracks of the April 27-28, 2011 tornado outbreak”

  1. As someone who as always approached the global warming fraud from a cultural/historical perspective I can’t help thinking of The Wizard of Oz…in which Hollywood iconocized the Tornado.
    In the very early days of settlement vague accounts of super storms such as these may have been considered ‘legendary’ amongst new settlers.
    Given the Christian Fundamentalist attitudes prevalent at the time (and maybe still) these events would have been considered archetypal acts of god; mysterious, unpredictable and devastating.
    We can hardly blame those of the Green Religious Persuasion for similar linkage.

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